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Dam your inbox.

Block the flow of your inbox
so it can't block your flow.

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DamInbox keeps emails from appearing in your inbox until a pre-set time each day.

"I check email twice a day, at 11am and 4pm"
and mean it.

Foster a culture which asks:
"Does this need my attention right now?"


hours per day spent on email by average US-based worker1

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messages which can wait a few hours for a response2

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minutes needed to refocus after an interruption3

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How It Works


Connect your Gmail account

Connect DamInbox with your Gmail account. You can revoke this permission at any time.



Set a schedule

Want to get see new messages at 11am and 4pm every day? Once a day at noon? DamInbox will hide messages as they arrive in your inbox until then.

When the scheduled time arrives, DamInbox will release them all at once — a single, controlled release where before there was a continuous, raging flood.




Actually, you'll go through withdrawal for the first few days. Then your brain will learn that checking your inbox no longer produces a rush of dopamine. With one fewer digital addiction, you'll enjoy greater clarity of mind and ability to focus.


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DamInbox: Enforcing Asimov's First Law Since 2016.

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